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Parker IM Metallic Pursuit Fountain Pen. Special Edition (2074142)

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The Metallic Pursuit Fountain Pen from the Special Edition IM is inspired by unlimited possibilities that direct us to our goal. Both the cap and the body have been decorated with a lively pattern that reminds us that the path of success for everyone is different and only we, as individuals, can embark on it. The dynamic and expressive pattern of the stainless steel line, the body covered with black varnish, etched black high-gloss cap and the clip decorated with a recognizable arrow mark guide us on the path of success, setting a specific and clear direction. The pen has been carefully finished to a high standard symbolizing the experience and craftsmanship of the Parker brand. The nib is made of stainless steel having a width F.

Katalognummer 2074142
Serie Edycja Specjalna IM
Verarbeitung CT
Stil extravagant
Lackart Muster
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