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Laser engraving (grawer)

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Professional custom-made laser engraving performed on the surface of a pen or pencil.
A perfect opportunity to create a unique, personalised gift. It is the most valuable gift you can give - see the happiness on the face of the recipient. With the engraving, you can express your sympathy, love and gratitude to all the important people in your life. It can also be used as a great way to advertise your company or business. When buying a pen with a laser engraving, you're making sure that it is one of a kind.
The engraving is made using a laser engraving machine controlled by a computer. The engraved text will not rub off, it is very durable.

Acceptance of visualisation: using the available fonts and graphics you have the opportunity to prepare a unique engraving, made according to your specifications. Our auto-engraving programme gives you an opportunity to prepare and visualise any alignment of the text. It will prepare the text according to your wishes. Simply select the product of your interest, add it to your cart and add the engraving directly in the basket, or on the product's page. Our employees are also ready to answer all your questions and help with any doubts you might have. They're also happy to prepare and visualise a special engraving (e.g. your company's logo) for your approval.
Preparing the engraving yourself on our website shortens the wait time for the engraved product. Visualisations of your custom engravings can also be obtained by e-mail - in this situation, we require an email with an acceptance of the design before we proceed with your order.

Rules of ordering an engraved product: We proceed with the engraving when your payment is booked and after accepting visualisation. When calculating the delivery time, please take into consideration that the estimated time needed to prepare your order is 2-3 working days + delivery time that is dependent on the country. The duration of our engraving services is an estimate, and thus can vary.

Features of laser engraving:
• the laser brings out the color of the base material, so in case of lacquered products, the engraving will be in a gold, brass colour.
• On steel products, the laser burns the surface, leaving an oxidized, steel-gray engraving.
• Some pens are not suitable for engraving: if you do not see an option to "add engraving", then we are not able to engrave this product.
WARNING: the option "add engraved plate" does not add an engraving on the pen. The plate is put either on the box, or inside the lid - depending on the type of the box. You can see more about the plate under this product name: "Memorial Plate - Engraving Laminate".

IMPORTANT NOTE: Carefully enter your text for engraving, because our staff is not responsible for checking if the grammar & spelling are correct.

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